The following list are many of the projects we have worked on. Click on any of the photos to view more images from these projects.


Driveway for a new construction home.


General Clearing

Clearing off a lot for a new construction homesite. We also can clear for pastue land as well.

Selective Clearing

By using special equipment, we are able to clear unwanted brush without damaging the root systems of "keeper trees". This process allows for the precise removal of unwanted brush and tress up to 8" in diameter without the need for erosion control. Nourishing mulch is left on the ground to help suppress unwanted regrowth of plant species and provides vital nutrients for the soil. In many cases the soil is left in better condition than before. Selective clearing is ideal for lake front lots, right-of-way clearing, survey lines, fire breaks, removal of  hazaradous forest fire fuels around homes, and provide for view enhancements. 




Clean-up of a burned house.

New construction foundation

Lot was cleared, driveway was cut and the foundation was dug for a full basement.

Small Pond